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  1. has always told cabinet that 'The Marj' is a rubbish idea
  2. had an awesome time at Tom Koutsantonis' wedding. So glad Mike didn't come - he's such a party-pooper!
  3. @MikeRann yeah, me too. haha!
  4. @MikeRann don't really see the point of it Mike
  5. is asking you to "chill. chill." as he trys to figure out what's in store for the state's finances
  6. is back at Parliament, and can't be stuffed
  7. I refute the claim by Adelaide Confidential that this is not really me.
  8. @MikeRann is that because you switched your aircon off in the state administration centre?
  9. @martinpotter it's true, I shouldn't be trusted, especially around young women
  10. @MikeRann you'd bloody love that wouldn't ya!??
  11. @MikeRann I have to agree
  12. @MikeRann I'm safe though aren't I Mike???
  13. @hortovanyi sorry, we're in deficit, there's nothing to give!
  14. @MikeRann yeah, we sometimes catch up for coffee
  15. @MikeRann Shut up Mike... nah, I still love you.
  16. was on Twitter before Mike Rann was. He always copies me!
  17. has never heard of the Country Labor Party, and thinks it could well be an oxymoron
  18. couldn't care less about the people of Frome. I'm a city-slicker from way back!
  19. didn't score an invite to Mike's Birthday bash. Pffft, like I care
  20. can't stand that "Mr Popular" Nick Xenophon. I guess I just wanna be popular too


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